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  • Primer Overhaul Kit

    Primer Overhaul Kit

    Restoring Primer Pump OperationThe kit is replaces the worn O-rings (2) on the primer pump used on non-fuel injected engine installations. Often times the primer seals are not re-lubricated until someone complains "the primer...

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  • Door and Window Seal lube - 1/4 oz. ADS-SL101

    Door and Window Seal Lube - 1/4 oz. ADS-SL101

    Seal lube should be applied yearly to keep the door seals looking like new. It applies in minutes and will guarantee maximum life from all of your door and window seals. A tube is shipped free with all door seal orders which will be enough to...

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  • Door and Window seal adhesive. 3M 08001, EC1300L

    Door and Window Seal Adhesive ADS-ADH

    Super adhesive for door seals and other applications. Many customers have had difficulty finding EC1300L adhesive (or equivalent). Search no more! This super adhesive has exceptional bonding strength, is fast drying, and firmly bonds the seals...

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