Mike Caban – creator of CSOBeech.com:

I’ve installed my Door Seal and Nose Baggage Seal in my B55 and they are both great improvements. No more leaking air coming in the cabin door. It took about 24 hours for the new seal to take a set and was difficult to close initially, but the end result is excellent. I’m looking forward to doing my door and pilot vent windows and rear baggage door with their stuff in the near future.

CivEngPE – PiperForum Member

I used aircraftdoorseals.com to replace my main door seals and found their products to be of very good quality and the staff to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. i would not hesitate in recommending them. (Link)

Doug G – Classic C35 Bonanza Owner

On my plane, the door seal was 38 years old. The others were original – 56 years old. What a difference in wind noise! I had no idea there were that many leaks. I think my baggage door was contributing a large amount of wind noise based on the poor seal I had.

Dean Ritter – President of Diversified Aviation Services (thebatteryminder.com)

My Cessna TU-206 had doors that leaked like a sieve. So I replaced the seals with new seals ordered from Cessna. I wouldn’t have minded the cost ($231 plus shipping) so much if they had worked, but all they did was change the leakage to another location. I still had to wear a jacket all the time due to the cold air coming in around the door, especially at the colder altitudes. When the engineering staff at Aircraft Door Seals told me they were developing a new seal for the Cessna and asked if I would like to test them on my plane, I jumped at the chance. However, not knowing if the new seals would really work, I was very careful in removing the Cessna seals in case I had to put them back on.

After a few weeks of flying, the Cessna seals went into the trash. The plane has not been this comfortable since I bought it years ago. In fact I don’t even wear a jacket anymore when I fly. When the folks at Aircraft Door Seals asked me how the new seals were working out, I told them, “You can’t have them back!”

One thing’s for sure, installing the Incredible Aircraft Door Seal was the best thing I could have ever done to improve the comfort of my plane.

Gary Stearman – Oklahoma City, OK – Cessna 172H Skyhawk Owner:

In the process of bringing my 1967 Cessna 172H Skyhawk up to specs, I was faced with the prospect of replacing the door and window seals. The old rubber ones were the typical rubber tube-type that had cracked and dried to the point that they were both ugly and worthless. I remembered that this type of seal had never worked all that well even when new, so I wasn’t particularly excited about going back with the OEM seal. Then I just happened to learn about Aircraft Door Seals’ brand new approach to the problem, and I had them replace my door, window and baggage compartment seals. I was immediately impressed with the way they compressed to conform to the precise shape of every surface they contacted. The seals flawlessly assumed the contour of every curve, joint, and rivet head.

Now, when my doors and windows are closed they are sealed … and that’s that! What’s more, they’re very unobtrusive. They do the job without calling attention to themselves. During the winter, I was astounded at how much better my cabin heat worked. My wife even complained that the cabin was too hot, and she had never done that! For a while, I thought that the heater had somehow started putting out more BTUs. Then it hit me that the Incredible Aircraft Door Seal had stopped all the drafts. I love this product, and would recommend the seals to anyone who wants to cure a breezy cabin. Thanks a million! You guys have really improved the comfort of my plane.

Greg – Seneca II Owner:

Thanks for providing an excellent product and support. I installed your innovative door seals on my Seneca II. I previously had factory seals, and a pump-up “tire” seal; each was attached to the door and invariably resulted in leaky and jammed doors. Your seals do not leak, enable the doors to close easily, and result in a quieter ride. I am a very satisfied customer.

Ken – Cherokee 180 Owner:

My Cherokee 180 leaked like a darn sieve. I installed the Incredible Aircraft Door Seal and took the plane to the wash rack. NO LEAKS! Now I was pleased. So I went flying and took some old Jepp plates and tossed them at the door near the bottom. Previously I would have been shot down by the Eco guys for littering! Nope—not this time. Now all my fun is gone and I’m supposed to just sit and fly along in a quieter warmer plane. What A drag! Thanks a bunch.

K M – Customer:

The ultimate seal is the Incredible Aircraft Door Seal, it’s easy to install and it works — I suggest you look hard at buying it.

Bob – Customer:

I went out yesterday to check and adjust the door seal. As I suspected, you were right on. The seal had compressed and set to some extent. I tightened the top latch adjustment 3 more turns and magic–the door closed and sealed better than the door on an ’03 model. If anyone has questions about the effectiveness of the new seal, either Joe or I would be happy to give a “glowing testimonial” – it works as advertised and then some!

Joe – Customer:

I just finished the adjustment on the door yesterday with the Incredible Aircraft Door Seal. A 100% improvement is an understatement. This seal intuitively makes sense because it attaches to the rigid part of the door as opposed to the flexible door. After we got into it, we found both hinge pins were worn and sloppy—replaced both hinge pins, installed the seal, adjusted both latches, let it set a couple of days and the seal took a “set”. Readjusted the upper door latch and like magic—a perfect seal and a door which operates like it is new. If anybody has a door seal problem, the Incredible Aircraft Door Seal is better than any we have tried, and it works.

Jim – Customer:

I just installed the new door seal today. Man what a difference! My door never sealed this well or shut so evenly. This is a great product that every Piper should have. Well worth it!

John – Customer:

I ordered mine today. Looks like a great deal!

Victor – Customer:

I need this seal! How do I order?