Seal -A- Plane


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Restoring exterior beauty and class
Seal-A-Plane has been formulated to professionally clean, polish, and seal the finish on your aircraft. Once your plane has been treated with Seal-A-Plane, you will have a finish like you have never seen before! Exhaust stains and fuel stains, as well as dried bugs and bird droppings, wipe off with just a water-dampened cloth. Seal-A-Plane removes old wax and oxidation and provide a beautiful, sealed finish for years to come.
Unlike common wax polishes that breakdown from heat and UV rays, Seal-A-Plane is a space-age compound that was formulated for ease of application and durability. Seal-A-Plane is impervious to Ultraviolet and withstands temperatures up to 500 degrees F, so it won’t break down even under exhaust gas.
Seal-A-Plane is approved for fiberglass, lacquer, polyurethane and alkyd enamels and won’t harm aluminum skins. Under normal conditions Seal-A-Plane lasts a full year. Satisfaction is guaranteed when used as directed.

A finish cleaner & sealer that works!