Aft Baggage Door Seal (Fuselage Installation)



The new seals are a departure from the weather stripping commonly used on Cessna aircraft.. The seal actually senses the pressure from the door and molds itself to conform to the shape of the door. It provides an air- and water-tight seal like no other seal on the market. Never before could you appreciate how quiet your cabin can be. The seal is easy to install (with its own adhesive strip) and is FAA-PMA approved for all Cessna aircraft.This seal is recommended for operators who have low utilization carrying cargo.

We also manufacture a door mounted seal P/N C-1402. It is made from the same material and is shaped to fit the door. This seal, our latest design, has to be glued into place. It is recommended for high utilization carry cargo and is designed to be less likely to become torn or damaged than the fuselage mounted seal. It is also FAA-PMA approved

Please ensure that you order the correct fuselage or door mounted seal based on your requirements.

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