Cessna 172 Glareshield 015.1

Cessna 172 Glareshield


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Product Description

Restoring beauty and class
The new Glareshield is designed to replace the old ugly covering normally found on the fascia above the instrument panel. It is made of temperature stable Lexan, padded with a FAA approved soundproofing foam and covered with a special leather grain like non-glare vinyl. The eyebrow that extends three inches over the instrument panel is one inch thick and double stitched for durability and beauty. Unlike glareshields that are made of aluminum or fiberglass, the Glareshield eyebrow will flex, should it be inadvertently struck, providing an element of additional safety. The new Glareshield design improves forward visibility over the existing factory eyebrow.

This Glare Shield is only for early model Cessna 172A-E that have a smooth transition from left to right with no step or Joggle.